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There are also the important safety factors of potential fire and carbon monoxide poisoning that should be considered carefully when deciding whether or not to have your system cleaned.

Truck-Mounted Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning
Locally Owned and Operated for More than 25 Years

Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning Inc. wants to help you to choose a service that's right for you. Browse the FAQs or contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning Inc. for personal assistance.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We always use truck mounted vacuum systems on our jobs. They can move over 10,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air. That is more CFM than 100 shop vacuums. We also use high-pressure compressed air to loosen and send debris in your system on its way to our trucks.

How much does cleaning cost?

We offer a "best price guarantee." We will meet or beat any competitor's price in the Seattle area that does truck-mounted cleaning. The average job runs around $249.00 and $4.00 for each vent. We also offer a discount to our repeat customers.

How soon can you get here?

We do have a busy season, which runs from September through January. During this time of year, we may be a week or two out. We do all we can to take care of emergency no-heat situations. During the rest of the year, we can usually get there within a couple of days.

How much time does your service take?

We can clean most systems in an hour to an hour and a half. This will vary depending on your system and whether we are sending a one-man or two-man crew.

How often should I have my system cleaned?

We recommend having your forced air system cleaned every 3 to 4 years. We recommend using a good filter system and maintaining them regularly to keep your system running well. We recommend that boilers (hot water systems) be cleaned every year or two. We offer a discount to our loyal repeat customers and suggest that they clean their systems in our off-season to avoid the rush in the fall. We put a sticker showing dates for the next cleaning on your system, and we also send you a reminder card in the mail when it's time.

What do I need to do before you come to be ready?

We just need a clear path to the furnace and each of your heating and return air vents. We are happy to help you move small furnishings.

Does it matter where my furnace is?

If it is in a crawl space, attic, or over ninety feet from our truck, there will be an additional charge.  Please tell us about this when you schedule.

Where do you go?

We cover the greater Seattle area, with a travel charge to a few of the outlying areas. Please ask when scheduling.

What makes you different?

We are highly recommended and referred by some of the best heating and air-conditioning companies in the Seattle area. In today's world of bait and switch-type business operations, it is important to know that the people you invite into your home have a reputation you can trust.
One important difference with our company is that cleaning your system is all we do. We do not use our service as a way to get our foot in your door so that we can sell you other expensive products and services. If we discover that you are in need of additional servicing or repairs, we are happy to recommend you to companies we have worked with for years so that you can get the services you may need from the best in the business.

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