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Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning

Leading Truck-Mounted Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning


A clean efficiently running furnace provides safe economical heat. A furnace that is not running at peak performance can be deadly.  At Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning we have trained technicians that can clean every compartment of your furnace.


Pollen, pet dander, dead insects, and rodent debris are common elements found in air ducts that can cause problems, especially for those suffering from asthma or allergies. We can clean and purify your indoor air to reduce the possibility of illness, allergies, and decrease the amount of dust in your house.


When lint, dust and other materials are trapped in your system, not only does it make drying your clothes more difficult, but it can also make it a fire hazard! We offer dryer vent cleaning to homeowners unequipped to handle this kind of project on their own.

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Furnace Cleaning

Below is our pricing for furnace cleaning and extras

Standard Cleaning              $269 + $4 per air vent

    • Extras – We charge extra for furnaces located in an attic, crawl space, or over 90′ from where we park.